Excuse me Miss… your confidence is showing.

This week I’ve been living in the future. True story. And it’s not like the Jestson’s future. I can see the good things that are heading my way. I mean I just got paid for making doodles for people. I have a client based on something I see as the most fun side project ever!

And when I met up with my good pal Christine this week she told me that I was looking way more confident than usual. And honestly, I think I am. I am not like on a Charlie Sheen “winning” high or anything. I just know that my optimism is going to get me somewhere really great. And in the middle of this icky tunnel I’m in, I see out the other end and that all the little things I can do well are really going to help me in the future, especially when I emerge from the other side. And most importantly all these things/people trying to bring me down are just temporary. In fact I have how I feel about it lusciously illustrated below:

Also I think this is the best time of anytime to share that I’m going to make this doodling thing into a side business made with heart. I want to make shirts, and bags, table cloths, pillows, and birthday party hats. I want to make custom doodles for people. I want to share my joy with as many people as possible. And I’m going to do it. Maybe you’ll pick up a bag or hat or just keep reading and smiling… stay around and watch my dream come true.


It’s not me… It’s you…

This post for many reasons must be short and sweet. There are some people in your life that are incredible blessings, and there are some people that aren’t. And we don’t always see that people are bad influences on us until something major happens. And then sometimes you still try to be blind to it… for one reason or another… and then you find yourself buying handfuls of lip-glosses in shades you aren’t even sure you want to wear… Oh, wait that’s just me.

Speaking of me I did something I’ve needed to do for months, took a break. And my eyes were opened. I saw miles of consignment shops, and deserts, and some of the most fabulous people you could ever meet… and then I realized the best thing ever:

And it doesn't look good for you

And I deserve to be happy whenever I please.