Feeling European

I want to be in Paris… but well the most I can afford right now is a crepe and a beret.

Okay, Paris is always a good idea. Especially if you are a character in a romantic movie with Humphey Bogart… or Harrison Ford. (In today’s world I think you should be able to pick which Sabrina you want to be or for the boys which Linus Larabee you want to be.)

Don’t judge me… but I’d pick this version. I mean… yeah. The clothes alone in that movie would make my life ridiculously fancier.

Anyways, l kind of wish I was there. I mean not with Humprey Bogart in a movie… but in Paris. You know what I mean, internet.

I felt like I got to go on a vacation today because I got to go measure a place outside of my office… which is always thrilling. With Thon who I have never gotten to have a work time field trip with.  And we got to have an adventure because we took the wrong freeway and got mildly to moderately lost.  The only downside of our field trip was that it was a fabulous adventure in measuring the showers in a locker room… the truly un-glamorous moments of working in the architectural field. Not only did I end up with frizzy hair due to inner bathroom moisture… but I saw quite a bit of naked elderly ladies. More than my daily quota (which for those inquiring minds is 0 naked old ladies.)

And I felt a little more than awkward being around them with a clipboard, a marker, a measuring tape. Some inquired what I was doing… others just gave me strange looks. I didn’t mind answering questions… because I would want to know if I was in their position.

What can you really do?

After all I had a job to do. And I could have given a singing crustacean about their nudity.

Somehow though, being around that many naked people who didn’t give a damn about it felt very European in nature… But the fact that I ate Mexican fast food for lunch shortly thereafter reminded me that I was in fact not in any portion of Europe. Also the fact that I was so far into the desert today I thought I drove to the end of the world… and then a tumbleweed dramatically strolled past my car on my return to civilization. And my contacts were filled with dusty cruds.

Oh California, with your large gaps in civilization, and questioning nude geriatric women… How silly you are.

Anyways.. happy Friday!