Monday’s Scoop

I haven’t had much time lately to write. Actually that is a lie, I have had a lot of time I could have chosen to write, But I just haven’t done it. And well it’s been noted that somebody has also been skipping dedicated doodle time that she made up on Sunday’s between 3-4. That somebody is me… I’m a dirty doodle dodger.

But I also find that I don’t have a lot to draw lately. I’ve been realizing that I doodle more when my brain is overwhelmed or underwhelmed. And right now, I’m whelmed. And my mind seems to be stuck, sometimes on incredible joy and sometimes on not much of anything. And the only thing I can think of right now is a delicious ice cream.

So, enjoy this:

Don’t you want to ice cream? I do and I want mine to be mint chocolate chip, thank you!

I really want an ice cream… The weather is fine and I’m hungry!

And tomorrow I may share with you the joys of owning a yellow stapler! And how I plan on it changing my work life, regular life, and everyone else I know existences!


Eric and the Food!

Hey Kids you like the ice cream?

Well let me tell you…

Eric’s got the ice cream… when he’s not spending time with the ladies.

So get it while it’s frosty.


apparently Wednesdays are Eric and the food kind of days…. and by the way I should be going back to work.. it’s AUDITORIUM TIME!!!!!!

Afternoon Clay

Tonight there is some sort of special American Idol event going on, but here at Viciously Sweet we are so not into it. Especially because on a bitchy sidenote Lauren actually watched it this season with her mother and liked someone with glasses… who was voted off.

But Anyway Viciously Sweet does not condone voting for new American Idol’s when we already have a perfectly delicious one.

Here’s Viciously Sweet’s fav. American Idol:

Don’t you ever dream a little dream of Clay??

with America’s Favorite Isabel… and this is not a snazzy premiere they are at, they just got stuck going past one one the way to coldstone.

And you know the cameras love them… and their love.


p.s. tomorrow there will be a super extra special post about Clay and Isabel :)