Starbright: Christine as Jem

I decided to draw one of my favorite people as one of my favorite cartoons. Without drawing one of my friends as Spongebob, I give you Christine as Jem.

Who as you remember is truly outrageous:

If I made a cartoon like Daria, this would be one of her alter-egos.


Lady Gaga’s Inspiration

You may see her shirtless and sometimes pantless action… but is Lady Gaga hiding something?


No I’m not talking about the people who says she’s a Mister Gaga… I’m talking about her fashion inspirations….

Is she hiding the fact that her “look” & fashion come from the hit cartoon Jem & the Holograms?

I think Lady G looks a lot like Jem/Jerrica…  you can note the similarities yourself….

Lady Gaga:


Do you remember that Jem’s theme song promises you “Adventure… excitement… Glamour and glitter, Fashion and fame!” Doesn’t that sound like Lady Gaga’s game?

Jem thinks this is truly outrageous… 
If you are an 80’s child you remember the wild fashions that happened on this more than rad cartoon. The makeup, the hair, the uneccessary drama, the boyfriend who is in love with the same girl more than once. This sounds eerily identical to the happenings of Lady Gaga.

 But I really don’t mind….. because Lady Gaga is fabulous without holograms… and if there were a movie about Jem (that wasn’t Hanna Montana) I think Lady Gaga should star in it.

Ohhhhhhh the lovegame.


Have a truly Outrageous Day!


The Reluctant Dragon

Does any one besides me remember the Reluctant Dragon?

About that giggly dragon who didn’t want to fight, but instead wanted to recite poetry. It was one of my favorite cartoons.

He was Blue and beautiful.

He also had a penchant for tea parties… all of which were hosted on his large dragon stomach.

He may have been a factor that changed my life… like Jem and the Holograms and Talespin.

Yep he’s right up there with baloo.

And he’s much more children friendly than those “Truth About Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes” which tell about all the murders and mayhem in history.

Like that of Mary who was quite… contrary. And so much cuter than Queen Elizabeth