Anchor’s Away

Happy Tuesday!
For some reason I felt super great today.

Like birds practically dressed me this morning.

I even went to work and was like pretty okay with the whole thing. Which is very rare since I have lately had the enthusiasm a quite uninterested ball of yarn.

I have not idea why I’m feeling so great on a Tuesday when I have a scratchy throat. I think it has something do with all the Keanu Reeves that has been placed in my life lately… or maybe because I get to go to my dance class tonight…

Anyways Today’s doodle is an anchor… maybe because of my mermaid dreams… or maybe because I really want to go to the beach.

I always feel bad for it during the fall and winter months… no one is really there. Everyone in California acts like we live in the arctic and it’s uninhabitable until next May. I actually prefer to go to the beach in the winter… there is no one ever there and I can just reflect on the vastness of it all… And I think the ocean just wants some attention. I plan on slipping on a sweater and heading out there some day after work:

Think about the ocean today… I swear it’s thought about you.

That’s not creepy… if it is listen to this song. It makes everything better:


Tuesday’s Keanu

Tuesday IS the day for Keanu.

I have no reason to post this… except for darn it I like him.

Also Isabel your identity will be safe. Keanu will make sure.