Losing Touch

 I’m in no hurry, you go on
And tell your friends I’m losing touch
Fill their heads with rumours of impending doom
It must be true

I have no clue why there are so many “Killers” inspired posts as of late.

But I’m really in this mood for their synthisized wonder tunes…

I have a feeling this site may become a darling to the Brandon Flowers community since I have been adoring his clothing as of late:


His clothing is quite smashing actually. I think more people should dress like he does…

And he also reminds me that I really need to invest in some feathery outfits and more feathery accessories:



Did i mention that the music is also fun:



Birthday Wishes


Viciously Sweet is a year old!

This year we celebrate 83 posts about Isabel.

51 Posts about Eric.

11 Posts about Jimmy

2 Posts about the Killers

And 1 Post about how much I dislike Cornucopias

Hopefully the next year is full of more delicious and hillarious good fun!


Also the birthday wishes are pouring in:



The Spaceman

I have a feeling the biggest halloween costume of the year is going to be Brandon Flowers Outfit from the music video “Spaceman.”

I have previously stated that I love that video.

AND more so I have commented on this more than rad costume. Which someday even I (a 5′ tall girl) would love to own.

I really think that it has everything to do with the shoulder pads. Or as we should call them… rad pads :)

But why I really think that This is going on is because I get at least 30 searches a week on this page of “brandon flowers spaceman”… or “brandon flowers spaceman costume”


which I find very awesome. I emplore you if you dress like this at any time PLEASE send me a picture! I will put them all over here.



Killing Me Softly with the Killers

If i had a grandpa that looked like your grandpa…

So I may not be the biggest Killers fan but…

I totally am adoring this new album, and then I saw the music video for “Spaceman” I had this like super sugar coated happiness. The kind I only get when I see Green Day prior to 2006 and the Cure.


And quite honestly this video kind of reminds me of Robert Smith and the Cure. The colors are deliciously 80’s and I wish that the Cure were in it dancing the background…

also… does anyone want to wear an outfit like Brandon Flowers with me???

Because you best believe when this neon green cast comes off this costume goes on!