Australian Dreams

I had this dream last night that I went on vacation to Australia. To my surprise they had no food in Australia, only Granola bars. I asked them where they had food like ‘”Outback Steakhouse” Open at nine’? And he told me those pretty onion flowers and dreams of koalas is how they get Americans to travel all the way to Australia.
Also no one had accents, they were faked too.
I was depressed and dismayed. Also I discovered in my dream that Koalas were in fact cats dress like weird little bears.
Upon this realization I decided to leave and go to New Zealand. And then some rude Australian told me it was fake too; apparently it was created by Peter Jackson for movies.
Dude, my dreams are weird.


Birthday Getaway’s With Clay And Isabel

Although she tells everyone she’s in the lab creating the perfect shade of industructable yet soft lipstick… Isabel is still traversing the world with Clay Aiken…

Although Clay has already sent his bedazzled greeting Isabel would like to add this photo for our archive:

She has also told us that today she plans on starting a collection koalas… because the are basically the rat of Australia.