The Occasional Rapper of the Day

I’ve been creating streamlined versions of my doodle friends to use against my friends permission. When I got to Isabel I realized it was also vital to make her a rapper, just like real life:
So I present to you rap star Isabel (with the beat of “Ice Ice Baby” from Vanilla Ice)

She is straight up gonna check those cells and get published, word.

*forgive my rap words… I don’t know as much about science as Isabel… or Bill Nye the Science guy.

Alternate Career Path pt. 3

As a child Isabel dreamed of many things like puppies, Wild Omar, and Clay Aiken. Little did many know that Isabel also dreamed of becoming an RV Saleslady.

Yes, it is true Isabel loved the idea of low interest loans and signing contracts. She adored the thought of sliding over the keys to a crisp new Winnebago to an adventurous retired couple.

It is fabled that she spent many a night decorating her room to look like a car lot selling anything with wheels to her syblings and collection of Barbie’s. Isabel was a natural born saleswoman.

However her dream was never meant to be a reality… during one night the sticky Wildomarian winds ripped through her room runing her car lot diorama… and turning her bedroom into a sticky mess.

She was devastated, and mildly slimey.

She then went to her second plan, working with rats and cells and becoming a scientist.

on the internet your dreams can come alive