I am still so excited about my future that I can barely handle myself.

I could barely sleep because I felt like a human pogo stick. I am really that excited.

I colored this last night, because I couldn’t sleep. And because I really like ladybugs. And they unlike dinosaurs do not eat your face…

grubby grub!

I hope this makes at least one person smile just a little bit!

And I’m still working on a theme week I think I shall display it on Thursday! Be ready!


One of those Days…

I have spent too much time away from my blog.

And I have suffered consequences.

I am stressed, my hair is turning white. I am drinking 2 sodas a week. And umm.. I can’t think of a third thing…. but I’m sure that it’s happening… and that it is on the equivalent of 2 sodas bad.

I guess I have been too busy. But that doesn’t really excuse me, because a lot of my joy is sharing silliness with people. In a strange was it is what calms me. And right now I totally need this before I start work-related-crying. (I have been redoing the same project every other hour for the last 15 work hours… and none of the printers are working and… my head is about to explode.)

So I took a moment during my lunch break to color a few things and this is one of them.

Because I am such an odd bird, I don’t really think this drawing needs much context… because well this kind of stuff happens to me… a lot:

It’s been one of those days. Just hand me my spotted wings.