If you have nothing nice to say…

*cricket sounds*

Right now I’m going through one of those if you have nothing nice to say kind of moments.

And dear Internet, I need some help before I get really mad.

I am really at the end of my tether with this bad time coworker of mine. Everything is everyone else’s fault, everyone is undermining and being mean to them. They can say mean and rude things, but no one can say anything back without basically being the anti-christ.

Actually, no Internet. I will correct myself… I don’t work with Taylor Swift… but there is a special place in hell reserved for me according to this person. And, as long as they are not there… I will take it.

The worst thing is lately, I have been having such a great time in the office. Let’s just say… practically all of our office supplies have homemade top hats, or pope hats.

And then it happened. Today was the last straw when the fun police swooped in, and my personality became the issue. My personality! I’m sorry I’m too cheerful, and try to make the office a nice place to be in. I’m sorry I leave little notes and happy things around the office.

Actually, wait  a minute. I am not sorry. I am not sorry for a damned thing. And for the risk of becoming really mad I will say nothing else. I’m going to retreat for the rest of the day, just to maintain some cheer.

Snarky side note to said coworker: Why don’t you just go talk about tree trimming for another 20 minutes? Everyone found it really captivating last time… and by everyone, I mean no one.

But don’t think I”m giving up. I will survive. And  tomorrow I’m coming at you with the sparkly fury of Rainbow Bright. And you will be my murky dismal.