Business Lunch

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I’m in the middle of a deadline and well in my new office no one really talks.

Which is good and bad.

Bad: I have to take extra time to find things out because everyone is too busy to ask…

Good: I have a lot of time to doodle… because everyone is too busy even to lunch!

Well one thing is I can say everyone seems very nice, especially on Fridays when they get to have lunch away from their desks :)


The Lunch

Today something magical happened.

Jimmy found himself in my neck of the woods during lunchtime. So we partook in business peoples lunch.

We looked so professional… dressed like grown ups who have to go to work at 8 in the am.

I thought about how Jimmy and I used to lunch everyday together when we were in school that was basically 5-6 days a week for a 5 year program.

That is an insane amount of lunches.

One great thing about working is now I can afford to not eat hideous school cafeteria lunches… and neither Jimmy nor I pulled an all nighter the evening before. Basically our lunch today was like tenfold fancier than any lunch we had in school.

Lunching it up with Jimmy.
Lunching it up with Jimmy.

Oh, I still spilled food down my shirt…. because even as a grown up I’m still a klutz.

And yes we ate chicken!



Professional Quote of the Day: August 12th

There has been a severe lack of quotes as of late. But don’t worry about it… Eric is not losing his professional touch.
In fact today Professional Eric is sharing a bit of his professional life advice with us:

Maybe the next time you dine out you may want to eat like a professional!
As everyone knows It comes with a drink, professional side of your choice, and two new additions to your contacts!


Eric and the Ladies pt. 2

Afternoon Ladies

I gave Eric an option of what he can be photoshopped with, food or the ladies

… and he chose the Ladies.

This is Eric at lunchtime with the ladies… in this case a lady who is happy that chicken tenders are on the menu.