Wishing my days were swankier

I’m a big fan of that 1960’s look
Big hair, Big cars, men looking real nice in their suits:

(This was a nice way to use a Picture of Jon Hamm… who is the most hammsome guy in America, that joke is never old)
And women wore bad ass clothes… every day!

I wish I had a team of stylists to help a girl out. Stylists make Jessica Simpson look like she bathes for crying out loud. Think of what they could do for the already clean.

Onto Banana Republic to get those Leopard shoes!

Morning’s are strictly glamorous

Okay so I’ve been playing with Madmenyourself.
And then I took those things and made this… Which on a sidenote is how Christine, Isabel and I would look if we had a show like the “Golden Girls” but it were set in the 60’s…

Christine would be a wild streaked, brassy dip entrepreneur. Isabel a peppy and perky scientist, and I would be the sassy and clumsy architect. Place this in Palm Springs, add in some fabulous ascot wearing neighbors, a hall of disco dancers, and Flavor Flav and I think this is a go…Pitch this to Bravo. I’m sure they would love it.


Isabel Stare-A-Thon: AD men

It’s been very competitive this year to get a meeting with Isabel Stare-A-Thon HQ.
And we were thrilled to discover the men of Sterling Cooper Draper Price were fans of the Stare-A-thon.
They gave us a few ideas to help us on our way.

PS Don Draper… Huge Isabel Stare-A-thon Fan.

He's been staring since 1964....