You’ve got me feeling emotions

Seriously this is the best thing I’ve seen online in a while. The worst thing is that we know at one point we’ve all done this:

Seriously, I know I have. And no lie it was to Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman.”
Thanks to the Best Week Ever for showing me this!


Baby Names for Mimi

I bring to you the newest game between my sister and I naming Mariah Carey’s impending baby.

There has been many laughs tears and a forceful debate about the names and so I bring you the best of the best.

Here are my possible names for Mariah Carey’s baby:

1. Glitter Butterfly

2. Heaven Angelpie

3. Hello Kitty

4. Baby Baby

5. Shimmer

6. Glitter Mc Glitter

7. Angel Glitterkiss

8. Maria Carey 2

9. Fuzzy Kitten

10. Little Mi

11.  Sunshine Kisses

12. Pony

13. Golden Sparkle

14. Princess Mariah

15. Snuggie

Happy Baby Time. And my bet is Shimmer, so I hope it is not a boy.

♫Lauren & Christie