Grandma has the goods

The internet is abuzz with Mek Wok Kundor, the 107 year-young lady from Malaysia with the hankering in her heart to ascertain her 23rd husband.

She believes her 37 year old husband may leave her for someone younger… watch out 107 year old lady in China (who want to wed for the first time)

Well here at Viciously Sweet we may have just found her 23rd love connection.

And after the incident with Trannies, Eric is back to his route as a womanizer… or in this case and old womanizer…

Pull out your cane and denture cream:

Oprah was beside herself after this news was reported:

she’s so touchy… and not into poligamy, as seen many times on her talk show.


Isabel and Clay: the Future

Do you ever wonder what the future will bring to you??

A pony? A car? Children? A monster truck?

How about LOVE?

Now as you may know Isabel is currently in school but sometimes she daydreams about her future… and so in honor of Summer Loving which is just around the corner i give you one of Isabel’s daydreams.

While Isabel and Clay Aiken have been a hot internet item since he may his music debut on American Idol, as seen through many photos on this site Isabel has always wanted more.

heres an example of their early love.
here's an example of their early love.

like marriage…. Even if it can only happen in photoshop:

A little known fact Isabel has always wanted a renaissance inspired wedding :)
A little known fact Isabel has always wanted a renaissance inspired wedding :)

and then much like many girls Isabel has always wanted children and here she is with her first and most beloved… Manchild Guy Aiken.

So it may never really happen but a girl can dream can’t she.  And since we’re BFFF’s I’m so happy that I can help  you visualize your future :)