It’s never too late… for lobsters

Today I’m really excited because of several things.

-Being at work was a real dream today. I witnessed my coworkers get in a really heated conversation about religion, I somehow changed the subject to Greek Mythology… I got a lot of work done, and checked over. And did mention I sneaked in some creative moments while my computer over-reacted to life.

-Tonight, I eat clam chowder. And since the weather is a little crisper in California now than it usually is… this chowder is going to be a real treat.

– I am wearing a red leopard sweater that makes me feel like a million dollars! Which I got from Vintage Dreams… and I love it and I love Lucy, the owner of the store. Who earlier this year gave me some great advice about being worth more than the mess I found myself in at the time, and to “Never waste your prettiness on people who don’t deserve it”. I am eternally for those kind words, also I blush ♥.

-I get to see my bff in all her glory today, and she will have a plethora of pens to my notebook of paper. I hope we laugh so hard that we cry. And cry so hard we laugh, and eat candy… I could use some candy and a drink.

– Yesterday I received 3 books in the mail! 3 WHOLE TANGIBLE BOOKS!!!! Now I may not be Belle or anything like that, but I felt like singing when I saw that Amazon box sitting in my living room filled with leafy knowledge. I brought one of those books to work, and I feel like a queen.

– I was reminiscing about an art exhibit I saw early this year the California Modern Exhibit at LACMA and created a new goal for myself. To own an incredible swimsuit that has an incredible lobster on it. I would wear it all the time, and probably under my clothes so I can Superman into my lobster swimsuit when necessary…

“Is that a lake? I feel some swimming coming on”. *rips off dress to reveal lobster swimsuit, and proceeds to jump in water*

This could be a really cool thing actually…

And to my coworker that keeps calling me a lobster… I think this was inspired by you. Also I still don’t get why I am a lobster? Is there any reason for this?

And if I am a lobster because of a reference to “friends” you suck so much, that I cannot fully explain with words. Also you don’t really suck, I just don’t want to be that person’s “lobster” they are too much to deal with.


Is Lauren Interested? A Handy Guide to Figure Out How to Make Me Listen to You

Have you ever wondered when you are talking to me if I am interested in what you are talking to me about? I must tell you that if you are wondering you may already have your answer. Am I looking far away into space? Am I giggling in the middle of your words? Sorry about that friend, my brain goes at approximately 234 miles per second.

Lauren's Note: Sorry that this doodle scares you, Amber.

Now venture into the next zone carefully:

Firstly, ask yourself  is this really news I need to hear? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no… walk away, until you made your story into an awesome concoction that I can’t live without.

If your answer is yes, I need to know about it instantly. You may want to use some Lauren convo traps. (I have a feeling that giving away my secrets may be a huge mistake, but I want to hear about new and exciting things, trap me into learning!)

The bait was something shiny!

1. Have you mentioned “the Cure” in any way? Mentioning Robert Smith and his brethren of musical accompaniments may help me  completely tune into what you are saying. Friday I’m in… totally listening to you.

In my imagination we could totally go get gelato and buy matching lipstick...

2. Have you thought of mentioning 30 Rock? If not you should! You may just blow my mind grapes with your witty repertoire.

I would wolf my teamster sub for Floyd.

3. If you may be losing me in conversation don’t fret… bring up chickens! Be they fried, doodled, free range, applying for drivers licenses in Arkansas… I’m there.

Chicken its the best food, and your best friend

4. Art, lets talk about it.. Mondrian, Hopper, Munch, Shag, Bob Dob, Utrillo, Kahlo…

Also Lets make famous art into chickens... combining numbers is muy bueno.

5. Am I going to get a present at the end of this conversation? Just give me a present. People should really give me more presents anyway.

Today the Dab gave me a rubber band, a paper clip and a binder clip... I was overjoyed.

6. Lets talk architecture. This is separate from art, because it is kind of my real profession and all.Tell me about your favorite building mid convo, I want to know about it. And if you can weave that into the story your telling… all the better.

Architectural PUNS!

7. This thing you are talking about…  are you super passionate about it? Does it drive your existence? I love to hear that kind of stuff… I mean if you are really into your story… How could it not become a classic for all ages?

I hope you love it when I talk about gelato

8. Are you talking about an instance that happened to someone I know… that always helps, so I can imagine… I’m usually hoping for a funny circumstance or something… But if its someone I don’t really like- like at all, lets not tell the story. Let’s instead talk about #1-7.

I need an owl to help me out in this situation

And that is really it. Help me become a better listener! I really want to hear all about that really cool thing that happened to you that one time when that other thing happened.


P (to the ) S: that was a lot of doodles.