Professional Quote of the Day: December 15th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote of the Day Fans!

It’s time that time of the year to start…. getting more professional. And to get others into the professional spirit.

While gallantly trying to save my work computer from the virus filled world buzz feed created on it a few weeks ago. Eric had to call a few companies about the softest wares on my computer, and all their proper installations. When discussing my ability to make and use spread sheets he said today’s dandy professional quote.

And since I have no Photoshop to manipulate this event…  I then collected the quote in a tiny mason jar tied it to 14 balloons, and sent it into the mountain air, and this is what the mountain returned to me.

Photoshop, 2012 will be our year…


Things That I broke: My Computer

Okay so someone out there gave my computer a horrible horrible virus. And my photoshop is not working. What that means is… I am stuck until my computer is fully healthy.
But next week there will be the return of the Isabel Stare-a-thon, and more doodles and professionals for all.
I will probably make another post today as it is my totally awesome 26th year on on this earth.

Please enjoy this picture of Julius Caesar until I get my stuff together: