The Old Yam & Knife

There are some certain truths on the internet.

You can always get that thing you want cheaper on Amazon. You can lose your day on Reddit. You can listen to the most Coldplay ever on Pandora. You can play bubble shooter as long as your clicking hands allow you… And, you will eventually get a letter from a Nigerian Prince asking you for money.

Last week Christine ran into this predicament. Her father/head of the best dip company in the world, received a suspicious email which he then forwarded to her. The email went on about her accounting not being correct and she owed money to A Federation in Nigeria and they of course need all her banking information to fix this correction. Christine did not believe this (obviously), but she found the email a swift treasure that was sure to make us giggle with reckless abandon.

Onward to the giggles!

The person who emailed her Dr. Ahmed Salami, to be precise (seriously?!?) Informed her he was “Auditor-General of the Federation that has the yam and knife on this issue at the moment.” Christine’s response, first laughter, then a flashback to her undergrad days as an Anthropology student… My response, unbridled laughter and then this:


I implore everyone to go out into the world and take what you need by the yam and knife!

P.S. Don’t ever believe Dr. Salami, I think he may not be a real doctor…