Days of Yore at St. Lucy’s

I thought we could take a little stroll down memory lane-here is an old note I found from dear Lauren to me after I scarred her and Isabel for life senior year (*names have been changed to protect ourselves from more pain):

“Dearest Christ,
I was sitting here in math and I was wondering…why the hell do you own the movie ‘Center Stage’? When did you purchase it? Before or after senior year started? Do you get what I’m asking here?!?!?!?! Please say you bought it before, otherwise there might be irreversible damage to your taste! Remember, Jim-good, Billie Joe-good, Colin-good, *Ryan-grotesquely bad, bad, bad, Dave Grohl-very good, Dave Foley-old, Johnny Depp-very good, Ryan-still bad. Okay I think that’s enough. Maybe you’ve been playing too much ‘Monkey Island’. He’s not really Guybrush, I’m sorry (I think) he will never be Guybrushand he isn’t cool like Guybrush (which is sad). My dear confused Christ if you’re ever in need of… *sobbing* help *sob*.. just come to me *full out weeping*.. and I will *weep* do whatever I can *WEEP*.. we can get through this ‘Center Stage’ crisis… we really can.. there are clinics that can help.

ps-Say it isn’t so so!
pps-NOOOOO!!! *WEEP!*
ppps-Return it for a better movie!!!