The boring-est boredom that has ever been bored

Today I have not much to post or any desire to color… because work is really boring. Here is an artist interpretation of my boredom:

And then I got really excited that I get to go to the doctor’s office. This has never happened before as I really don’t like going to the doctor… like it’s at the bottom of my fun list… but today it’s like a blessing from the Lord of Healthcare. Go bad back!

And also go work! I think they like to make sure all my dreams are dead by Wednesday, so they are really ahead this week.


All I need is…

All I need is this penguin… and this paper pirate hat that is all I need. And I need this pair of Eric’s sunglasses.
I have decided that the penguin I stole from Eric needs protection from the elements because the arctic conditions in the office is cruel and such.


Cubicle Tour 2011!

I need a break, and this should take about 15 minutes. I am sitting about work kind of mentally numb, and I just had a brilliant idea!

I think I should have an open house of my cubicle for the internets… So lets start!

Here is my beloved Office Penguin… his name is Mr. Office Penguin, I have taken him all over the city of Los Angeles. He has since become a land locked pirate. Also there is my quote a day 30 Rock calender brought to me from New York, and wrestled out of the hands of an NBC Page (or maybe just purchased at the NBC experience store):

Here is an upclose of my shot glass collection. It holds Elliott Pierre the monkey (which I believe originates as a gift from Christine), and the x-acto blade I try not to injure myself with:

Now let’s have a look at my view, beyond the clouds is… the Dab:

This is my wall of silliness which every adult should have:

Here is an upclose of a photoshop Eric did of me and a doodle from Ariana (I like when people make me stuff):

Here is the proof I went to school for Architecture, This is a model from my thesis… which found its way in the office and has never left. And of course my diploma… aww the Wood.

Here is a doodle I’m working on:

and here is me, with my favorite artistic medium… le sharpie, yep mine is french… actually I call him Marky Mark:

That is pretty much it I have to get back to work, try to finish this drawing, and listen to the Scissor Sisters… Have a nice weekend.