Professional Quote of the Day: September 6th

Happy Professional Break from a weekend Professional fans! Actually the amount of non business activity yesterday nearly made Eric break out in hives… thank goodness he’s always connected to his work email!

Today’s Professional Quote of the Day is like the professional version of the X-files. But instead of like UFO’s and aliens and chupacabras… there are end license agreements (~boohoohoo~ a spooky ghost sound~)

Remember professionals when in technological doubt… you should check those license agreements.

Promises, Promises

Eric said if he gets an apartment… I can do whatever I like. He gave this no limits, so yeah. Although he currently is not in the apartment, he is fully sold on the idea. So, I’m going to start preparing for the “anything.” But now I have a few questions…
Am I above the law?
Will anyone ever drink our large supply of SNAPPLE?
Should I use this new freedom to do evil with?
Or should I use this new privelige to help others?
I can do so much to make the people happy….
Well for the meantime, photoshopping him with Oprah is something everyone likes:

Oprah and Eric hugs are used as currency in several nations! Invest today! If you see Eric on the streets just hug him, or tickle him, taser him... Don't worry, I said its okay... and I can do whatever I like :)

♫Lauren (the currently limitless)

First Eric and Oprah of the year!

All this talk about google searching “Oprah and Eric” made me think… what has viciously sweet been missing in the new year?
Doodles? No.
Staring at Isabel? Of course, but that is only for Nov 20 -Dec 20 and Canadian Boxing Day
Eric and Oprah? Why yes, that is precisely what is missing.

And now it isn’t:

This was a picture of them on Matching Sweater Sunday!

Don’t worry I would never post this on the walls* at Citrus College.
*more like handouts and flyers…

Have You Ever Loved a Woman?

Well have you ever loved a woman?

If you are Professional Eric… the answer is yes.

He has loved a woman in the Bryan Adams singing about it to the people kind of way.

And the woman that makes him feel this way is a fan of Sweet Potatoes. Which some believe is her nickname for the professional one…

He and Oprah are so in love that they spend every Saturday afternoon like this:

 It’s so true.


Raa Raa Ooh La La Ladies

Is there a better way to celebrate Yonadab’s birthday than photoshopping Eric and some ladies… Maybe.

But it is very enjoyable… especially when that lady is Lady Gaga.

As you can see in the picture she spices up Eric’s professional garb when they frolic about town together….

I thought things were going so well with Oprah.


Direct Quotes from Eric

Today Eric was quoted saying “I’m in love with the ladies.”

It may coincide with this very picture taken earlier this week with a very specific lady who may be the host of the Oprah Show.

It was reported that they were listening to love songs on the coast.

Long Live Eric and the Ladies.