Pete & Pete Revisited

I really loved the T.V. show Pete & Pete. And to celebrate it’s total awesomeness I give you a top 10 list on things both Pete and Pete Wrigley have inspired me to do

1. Get a tattoo like Petunia

2. Befriend Artie… the strongest man, in the world.

3. Learn to appreciate the Yule Log

4. Get an ice cream from Mr. Tastee

5. Meet Iggy Pop

6. Challenge underwear inspector 34 to a rib eating contest.

7. Sing this theme song to Jimmy:

8. Sing “If your happy and you know it” to Bus Driver Stu. Who may mentally snap and kill all the bus passengers!

9. Order a Pizza from a Bunny

10. Fight Daylight Savings!

Thank you Pete and Pete.


Hey there Old Lady…

So last night I made a run to Best Buy (the only music store around here)… to buy Michael John’s new CD which, btw is totally delicious. If this Album were released in the 1980’s it would be a classic by now. Hopefully it does well because this guy’s has a stellar voice.

Relishing in the fact I picked up the last CD they had there I cavorted my merry bootie down the isles of the movies to see if there were any magical films I must own.

“While you were Sleeping” for $6, which is one of my favorite  movies… mine.

And every Devon Sawa movie for $5…. I’ll be back later for “Idle hands” and “Slackers”:)

and Slackers even has Big Pete from Pete and Pete
and "Slackers even has Big Pete from "Pete and Pete"

 It has this very Pete:

On a non Pete and Pete related story they also they had movies with special packaging that said the perfect gift for mom. Ex. “Amelie” and “Say Anything”

so..... this is what moms like?
so..... this is what mom's like?

I only had this to say “I love those movies… but have no children” thanks for making me feel wicked old once again Best Buy.

I didn’t even have to ask a question to your staff this time to leave feeling like an old lady.