Alternate Career Paths pt. 8

Many years ago Steven was a young child, a child with a penchant for porcupines.

When he was but a tot, he would fervently watch nature shows seeing the likes of Jack Hanna frolicking with animal friends. This was far too tame for young Steven, who felt the grips of adventure every time he saw a possum.

And then one day Steven saw the Crocodile Hunter, and his life changed. He realized that he could have an action show, a peculiar accent, and even better action figures that would come with a tiny little porcupine.

That is when in his dreams Steven became…. THE PORCUPINE COLLECTOR!

Steven would attach pine needles to dogs and large cats and pretend his dream was a reality.

However, on the eve of his 13th birthday Steven encountered a porcupine and broke out into a rash… it turns out he had a porcupine allergy. With his starry-eyed dreams destroyed in its prime, Steven gave up being a nature show host.

Here’s what may have been…