30 Rock, Chicken and my inner Princess

Today I will keep this posting brief… I have been up to my eyes in work today. So that is approximately 4’8″ of work.

Anyways, I found out that this week it is National Princess week. This new holiday is sponsored by Target, Disney and Julie Andrews. 3 of America’s favorite corporations. And then I thought about how people would celebrate a week devoted to channeling your inner princess. I figured I would be dressed by birds, showered with flowers, be hassled by winsome suitors, and be wary of the fruit I ingest. But that is actually not that different from the other weeks in the year…

So everyone out there, celebrate your inner Princess, or Gaston, or Meeko the racoon! I’m going to go watch 30 rock, and eat chicken!

♥ and Lollipops,