Professional Quote of the Day: January 18

Good Afternoon Professional Quote Enthusiasts!

It has been so very long since a quote from Professional Eric has graced the pages of Viciously Sweet. It was thought to be forgotten… until I heard that the world was suffering from a verbal professional drought! Then I recalled recent times in the office have been incredibly busy and also photoshop-less.

And then with all the magic of an 8-ball, Eric valiantly saved my computer from the viruses that plagued it, and enabled me to delve into the quote archives and resurrect the Professional Quote of the Day!

Without Eric, Professional Quote of the Day 2.0 would be impossible.

Without any further ado I present to you PQOTD2.0, volume 1:

Let us all commence data entry to honor him, professionally!


Professional Quote of the Day: December 15th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote of the Day Fans!

It’s time that time of the year to start…. getting more professional. And to get others into the professional spirit.

While gallantly trying to save my work computer from the virus filled world buzz feed created on it a few weeks ago. Eric had to call a few companies about the softest wares on my computer, and all their proper installations. When discussing my ability to make and use spread sheets he said today’s dandy professional quote.

And since I have no Photoshop to manipulate this event…  I then collected the quote in a tiny mason jar tied it to 14 balloons, and sent it into the mountain air, and this is what the mountain returned to me.

Photoshop, 2012 will be our year…


Professional Quote Of the Day: December 12th

It’s that magical time of the day where I need to quote my ever so professional co-worker. Sadly, the Professional Quote of the Day has not been in daily observance due to the importance of the Isabel Stare-A-thon 2011.

Frankly, I cannot take my eyes off of my periscope pointed San Diego way to get a steady flow of professional quotes a happening this holiday season.

But today is different. Today is a quote I have been saving for a special occasion, and this cold rainy afternoon is that very occasion. So without further ado I present to you a Professional Christmas Quote:

Don’t you love the joy of Eric’s professional words in glittery Christmas text?

Now, lets all get back to staring at Isabel!


Professional Quote of the Day: December 2nd

It has been far too long PQOTD’rs!

I bring to you a new chapter in the PQOTD…  Professional Quote of the Day: Holiday Edition. From now until the Merry End of the Year you can share professional tidings with the most treasured and yultidy Professional in the San Gabriel Valley…

Onto a Christmas Season full of gold, frankincense,and Professional Quotes!

Have yourself a merry little Quotmas!


Professional Quote of the Day: November 11th

Good Afternoon Professionalites!

It’s the most wonderful time of the day! No not 11:11 on 11-11-11. But it is time for the professional quote of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ever feel like the little things you add to projects is minuscule, non-important, or even easily forgettable?

Well Professional Eric doesn’t think so. He very much appreciates your details as shown in this Friday version of the PQOTD:

Boy do professionals love their details, and using the word “incorporated.”



Professional Quote of the Day: November 10th

Today on the Professional Quote of the day, I present to you a completely true and utterly fascinating fact.

A true Professional cannot take anything at face value.

They have to investigate, explore and comprehend before anything gets their professional approval. You can’t get anything past them, not one Provocative Cactus, or a chicken, or a picture of their face in one tiny but important rendering… it’s so unfair!

Someday I will succeed! Okay I’m done with this post… let me just double check it….


Professional Quote of the Day: November 9th

Good Afternoon All You Professional Quote of the Day Readers!

Some people have many questions about professionalism… Like: How can I tell if someone is a real professional or if they are a professional poseur? Is there some sort test a doctor can give you to see if you come up positive being a professional? Do they have reflections? Are they a card carrying organization?

These are very interesting questions with very interesting answers:

Firstly, you should ask them if there name is Eric, this may be a direct correlation to professionalism (science is still investigating this.)

Secondly, there is no official test to prove your professionalism. Sorry about that.

Thirdly, Yes professionals usally have reflections, you may be confusing them with vamp——-

Wait, you know the best way to find out about professionals is to read the criteria as specified by California’s Professional Hero:

Remember this pro-mantra, and maybe someday you will transform into a professional yourself.


Professional Quote of the Day: November 8th

Good Afternoon Professionalites!

Now I am back in town and close enough to quote the Most Treasured Professional in the San Gabriel Valley. Much to my surprise, I have emerged from my Montana vacation to find the feistiest Professional Eric in Southern California. He is so angry he can hardly answer and respond to his work email… during non-work hours!


Now on to the PQOTD!

Lying somewhere betwixt the realm of everyone’s truest-gayest-love Oscar Wilde, and curmudgeon-y b.f.f. Winston Churchill; Professional Eric got his professional diss on:

So you better watch out, Unprofessionals all about the land. PSIC is mad as heck and he isn’t going to take it anymore!

Professional Quote of the Day: November 3rd

Good Afternoon Professionalites! (The followers of the Professional Quote of the Day)

There are many things that make a professional jump for joy.
Here is a non definitive list:

-New technology
-USB ports
-Spread sheets
-Sending an informative email
-Scientific discoveries
-Newer technology

But more than most things professionals like “proofing” or “pro-oofing” a situation, as shown in todays PQOTD:

And he was so happy that for the rest of the day he sync’d his phone with the joyous delight of 12 professionals.

♫Lauren (a professional in training)