Confessions Pt. II now with Giggles

I am a very bubbly happy person. You know the sort, the eternal optimist that thinks everyone and everything is just fantastic…

Basically everyday I wake up and float to work on a cloud. And then I chit chat a bit at the office, and carry on with my giggly day. Drawing, laughing, keeping secret wishes of joy that I keep to myself.

And then things happen. People all my life have called me “trouble,” and I have never willingly gone out to look for it. I don’t walk around dressed like a “Thunderbird,” I don’t ask the warriors to come out to play, and I rarely Ferris Bueller style my days. However it still lingers, I guess I attract weird things/events/people. And this is not limited to jovial Rastafarian’s telling me to carry on with my bad self in the streets, children thinking I am a Disney princess, or even Enrique Iglesias getting a little too up close and personal with yours truly (up coming post, seriously.)

Well anyways, today one of those kinds of things happened and I hope I don’t get my very good friend in trouble because of my girly ways. And honestly it was all just an innocent event, we just went out to lunch… but we didn’t expect to run into people he knows. Our lunch was a lunch of friendship… but it felt so embarrassing. You know… the grown up shame of being friends with a person of the opposite gender. Now this is not especially bad until you involve me, the giggliest person ever, who was wearing a rather comfy but a little snug tank top and breezy summer skirt… with my hair actually done and my makeup as nice as I could do. In the world of 13 going on 30 I really knocked it out of the ballpark today! However, in the world of eating with a guy friend at lunch… I made a HUGE mistake. We have both never eaten lunch so quickly and while simultaneously the color of a raspberry.

And then I realized it all these strange events in my life happen because of me! And all my friends and I have events that we don’t want to share with other people. I feel like there is something wrong with that… does everyone have secrets like this? Do I just make average events so much worse with my awkwardness? Does anyone want to sing an Usher song about this with me?

Here’s to a less eventful evening…

Professional Quote of the Day: September 26th

OMG. Professional Enthusiasts, the wait is over.
My vacacion to Washington D.C is past, and now it is time to get PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s PQOTD was collected by the Dab whilst I was in the city hanging out with Mimia (my awesome new nickname for our First Lady)

Because I wasn’t here, and cannot assume* what was happening in the office when this was said I present to you this Professional quote, about professional friendships:

True Story: It takes 4-6 weeks after filling out his friendship application and background check for you to find out if you qualify for professional friendship.


*Assumption is not allowed for PQOTD, as per my professional verbal agreement with said Professional Eric.