Professional Quote of the Day: November 1st

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The time hath come for the newest Professional Quote on the West (and the best) Coast.

The professional is hungry. And when he gets hungry… he does like every other coordinated professional does… make legislation.

While chewing upon the most professional sandwich in the San Gabriel Valley. He said the following statement:

And then we, the good people of the Office Oval vetoed that because we will not have that forceful type of regulation, even if the most professional had good intentions behind it. I would rather toss my lunch into the outside dumpster in protest in an lunch-y homage to the Boston Tea Party (as we are nowhere near Boston Harbor) than have my lunch pushed unceremoniously to the half hour.


Professional Quote of the day: September 9th

On this casual friday on this September day, one of the best things ever was said at lunch…
With that brief and beautiful intro, I bring you the professional Quote of the day:

Which is the only professional way to lunch, otherwise your waiter may not know you are a treasured professional. And that would be heartbreaking to the Treasured Professionals Union (TPU, if you would.)

And just in case your all like… whoa girl, that isn’t funny at all.
There is this barely photoshopped photo of Eric (seriously, I only added one letter):

P.S. Hey there, reflection of Dab!

Happy Friday!