My hair is the worst week: Gilda Radner

Although my hair like most girls is a constant struggle.

There is always a bright side of a bad hair day:

She has to be one of the best things ever… and she has the biggest hair.

I know I’m a little young to be a fan of Gilda but here is a reason you should be one too:



My hair is the worst week: Pinterest Inspirations

Sometimes I try to conquer my bad hair with knowledge. I leaf through the internet’s tips and suggestions…

And then with enough alcohol and coconut oil… I get brave!

And sometimes it doesn’t work out the way I planned:

This happens every time… and then I just go out with my frizzy hair… and a lot of self confidence.


My Hair is the Worst Week: Expansion Pack

As promised here is part 2.

True story, when I get out of the shower it’s a countdown to an afro that could outshine 1980’s Whitney Houston…. But the only person I want to dance with is someone with a hair tie.

When my hair is in such an uproar being around me is dangerous.

If you are in a 5′ range you could end up with hair in your mouth or eye.

You could be infringed from watching television if seated behind me.

You could be filled with memories of the 1980s and perhaps wonder when Chaka Kahn is releasing her latest album.

Or you could also be inspired to plant a hedge in front of your house,

All of these things have really happened.


My Hair is the Worst Week

I have been threatening for a while to make a theme week of doodles… and I thought what could I draw about for a whole week?

And then I thought about the thing that plagues me every morning of every day of my life: MY HAIR!

Everyday I wake up looking like a 1980s hair band member, wrestler, or even King Louis XIV of France. None particular hair dreams.

So lets get this started:

A whole week devoted to the nightmare that is my hair