Isabel Stare-a-thon: Lazer stare Cuomo

The stare-a-thon is what he wrote "photograph " about. true story.

This one is kind of a present for Isabel. I bet if Rivers Cuomo would really get his stare on if he saw some of the advertisements in the streets. Or the ones that have been crammed into his private mailbox, at his home…


“I want you to” … see this video

I’m so totally sad that Green Day is not as cool as Weezer.

As Weezer gets more radically awesome… Green Day slips into the mtv culture cesspool… see their “21st Century Breakdown” video directed by Marc Webb

Maybe it has to do with all the “Raditude”  that’s coming out Nov. 3, or maybe it’s the fact they are designing a snuggie…

I digress I was actually going to talk about their new music video “I want you to” which was also directed by (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb.

The colors, the clothing, and the humor are spot on and totally in line with the fashion and musical senses of Weezer. Also I love the flair of the Twilight Zone splashed around in this video.

I must show a few still shots from the video because I’m a terrible mess at embedding.

Firstly I’m suprised Isabel has never vacationed here:

And here’s some River’s I’m digging his hair:

And this is Brian who is a slick, and dreamy car attendant:

I think Scott should always wear suspenders:

And here’s Pat playing a “dangerous” game”:

Here’s a very strange barber shop quartet consisting of exponential weezies:

and finally the whole band mostly together:

I can’t figure how to embed the video so you can see Weezer’s awesome video for ” I want you to” at the linky here. Enjoy!


It’s the time of the season… for sweater vests

Not only is it the time of the year for sweaters… but if you are one of the select lads who look really good in a sweater vest I suggest slapping one on.

If you need any sweater vest style advice I’d look to the following peeps:

Joseph Gordon Levitt can really wear a sweater vest, he is like the lord of sweater vests in (500) days of summer:

Mr. Schwartzman cand handle the implications of sweaters… without sleeves:

River’s Cuomo is like the definition of sweater vest:

Ellen Degeneres is looking pretty swift in her vest too!

Even Michael Jackson has sweater vested:


And also this bunny was made for a sweater vest:

And just in case you are still not sold on the sweater vest… have a gander of Johnny Depp in one:

So why don’t you give it a try:

So I suggest to all… wear a sweater vest especially if your arms are much warmer than your torso.


The Rivers

Due to the fact I tease Isabel a lot I would like to dedicate this non-tease inspired blog to her.

Today’s celebrity that we adore is Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

Some magical things to know about Rivers:

-he doesn’t like to eat chicken, he’s a vegetarian

-he does sometimes look just like Buddy Holly

-His name is precariously close to the theme park “Wild Rivers”

-he looks really slick in a sweater vest:

-he’s a troublemaker

– his Albums “Alone” and “Alone 2” are awesome 

– this video showing them covering MGMT and Lady Gaga!

yep. enjoy the magic