Professional Quote of the Day: November 1st

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The time hath come for the newest Professional Quote on the West (and the best) Coast.

The professional is hungry. And when he gets hungry… he does like every other coordinated professional does… make legislation.

While chewing upon the most professional sandwich in the San Gabriel Valley. He said the following statement:

And then we, the good people of the Office Oval vetoed that because we will not have that forceful type of regulation, even if the most professional had good intentions behind it. I would rather toss my lunch into the outside dumpster in protest in an lunch-y homage to the Boston Tea Party (as we are nowhere near Boston Harbor) than have my lunch pushed unceremoniously to the half hour.


Put some wax on it!

Face with face sauce on it!
It has been so busy at work there is hardly time to make these posts happen.
Today I was kind of pissy. And was a participant of a rude lunch. In which I think I may have been wished bad luck.
So what people may ask is wrong with Lauren? She is usually the female (human) version of Spongebob!
Well some of you may know… but for others, I’m really mad at mustaches. But not the kind sported on jaunty men or the one on Christian Bale’s face… just one specific mustachio on one specifically mustachioed person.

Now that I've finished this I'm pretty sure I'm winning! P.S. Ladies don't accept staches in your life!