Being sick and the Mystery Lady

I haven’t been making posts with incredible fervor because I have been straight up unable to sit, for about a week. But now that my leg and back have decided to take a chill pill, I can aptly share with you some of my observations about going to the doctor a lot and being in the streets during the time I am usually at work:
-I discovered I am unfamiliar with sunlight, I hardly see it from my windowless cubicle… but when you are being shuttled from doctor to doctor you see a lot of it. And it is very warm and bright. I had to take my sunglasses out of the case even!
– People who are driving about during the middle of the day are either in this incredible-the-world-is-on-fire rush to get where they are going… or will drive 20 mph on a 45mph street.
-Not one doctor I saw out of like 5 doctors got my sense of humor. Most did not appreciate me telling them my leg felt like a thousand knives were pulsing through my veins. Nor did they like me saying my back cramps were like my nerves going to a discothèque. And none of them liked me asking them if they wanted to sing Huey Lewis songs with me… imagine the possible duets!!!!

But there was something that really grabbed me last week when I was traveling about the San Gabriel Valley during my usual work hours…

There was this girl who completely captivated me and today’s doodle is all about that:

Also, this is why I never write in cursive :)

Tomorrow more doodles! And an it’s inspired by another blog! I can’t wait!
♥ and Lollipops,

Favorite things: Wells Fargo in Azusa

I have really always loved this bank.

Not just because i use wells fargo. But because this building has always been one of my favorites in the area I live. I know it’s not the Sears Tower or the Chrysler building… nor was it designed by Franky G, or Santiago C.

But we don’t have those kind of things in the San Gabriel Valley. We have small to medium rise Art Deco buildings… we have farm houses… and we like them. To me there is nothing like the cool deliciousness of the interior of this building (not pictured due to incredible illegalness.) The floor is this dazzling terrazo and all the columns are crafted from beautful marble.

To be a part of the architectural world when there wasn’t leed… must have been marvelous and wasteful.