The Legend of FANGUIN!

This morning I was so excited that I was going to Seaworld tomorrow… only to find out my ticket is not Valid for tomorrow!

At first I thought maybe tomorrow is blocked because of the summer, or some event that involves a private Christina Aguilera Parade, or perhaps Sea World is releasing all their animals back into the world Free-Willy-style and is spending the 4th recapturing them… But then through not a lot of deduction I realized the real culprit is…


He’s rather evil, and he’s turning all the fishes against the trainers and what not, they are all just little floating zombies. I hope they don’t get to the mermaids!

Alternate Career Paths pt. 1

David’s love of water and splashing could have led him to being a brilliant seal trainer at Sea World, if he hadn’t missed that important day in the second grade when he had a cold. Instead he attended school on Jan 13th 1995 and  became fascincated with becoming an engineer…

Things could have been so different.