Professional Quote of the Day: July 29th

There are some things in life that aren’t really surprises.

Todays Professional Quote of the Day (PQOTD, for those who like abbr.) is one of those… I’m-not-really-surprised-at-all kind of things:

P.S. This is probably why he has one of the fanciest personal projectors in the land.

Party Supplies

Anyone who is totally rad is going to Isabel & Clay’s Halloween Party.

Earlier today this swift duo were spotted shopping for the events:

It’s going to be paper towel themed as you can see by the shopping cart contents… this is mostly because Isabel doesn’t like spillage.

But also they are going to make spooky paper towel ghosts that would even make Martha Stewart envious.

But there will be no caramel or any other sticky treats there… so bring your own and rub them all over Isabel.




Not News tonight at 11

I cannot stand media outlets that report news… because it’s never really news…. ahem TMZ, and every other “entertainment this hour” shows that plague my tv!!!

For Example: Anthony Kiedis going grocery shopping qualifies as not news. Please don’t have this as a headline event. He eats food. And it is not delivered by Dave Navarro every day of the week.

I mean Anthony Kiedis is exceptionally awesome… but I don’t need to know if he buys skim milk, and febreeze. Especially since he doesn’t follow me around the market snickering at my fruitcups and granola bars.

Let the peep’s shop in peace.

That I think is my public service announcement for the week.