Architects: Be wary of this advice

Okay, so Yahoo released an article today that shows you some habits that are incredibly harmful to you as a person. I am very interested in this because I happen to be a human, also because I never want to look like Mickey Rourke…

So I started to read this and stumbled upon this bit of wisdom:

Look Your Age—Or Younger!
It pretty much goes without saying that smoking cigarettes and frying your skin in the sun make you older, so kudos for quitting and slathering on the sunscreen religiously. But if you’re trying to turn back the clock—or at least slow it down a little—don’t overlook these other habits that may be sabotaging your efforts.

1. You keep your college bedtime
It’s not uncommon for superbusy women to cram a day’s worth of around-the-house to-dos into the late evening hours, a practice that pushes back bedtime into—eep!—Late Night with Jimmy Fallon territory. The problem with this is that too-little sleep is proving to be really, really bad for your health: Research links it to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and even just looking tired and older.

Act your age: We’re not saying you need a perfect 8 hours every single night, but make sleep a priority more often and your body will thank you. Everyone’s sleep needs are different; to find out what yours are, sleep experts recommend you turn off the alarm clock when you’re well rested, and see how long you naturally sleep. (Most people need 7 to 8 hours.)

Some of us Helpful Yahoo people, did not attend school where we had the bed time of Wally Cleaver. Some of us went to school where we stayed up for nights in a row. Sometimes up to 72 hours straight. And although this article is well intentioned, I feel angry thinking about it. I was lucky in school If I was sleeping at the time Jimmy Fallon came on.

I never wish for someone to change their sleep schedule to 5am to 8am. I have a feeling time would not be on your side.


….can i go to sleep right now?