Friday is Wonderous!

Okay, so I never get the chance to post on here.

I’m like living the life of a doodle-less spinster… and I’m not into it.

So I have been trying to get into writing again. And I can’t even think about what I want to share… Does anyone want to know about me spilling all my ice cream all over me and my coworkers car like a small child?  How about falling so quickly out of like with someone that my head feels like its spinning round like a record? Or that when I was threatening one of my coworkers during lunch I started laughing so hard I snorted in front of 3 of the jerkiest people on this planet?

But that is no excuse. I love making posts, that is why I’ve been doing it so long. It just seems like so many other things are pre-occupying my time…

Like British television shows, trying to figure out why my hair refuses to look like I combed it, and the mystery of what ants are doing in the restroom at work…

And then there is all the things I would rather be doing. For example, in Sunny So-Cal there is this thing called Comic-Con happening. And I as you know am a fantastic nerd, and this place has Bruce Timm, Marvel, DC, Sherlock, Community and basically so many comic’s and artist’s I could die on cloud nine while strolling through it’s aisles. Fun Fact: I am notoriously good at strolling. Also, a bonus to that is I can stroll ever so happily because I have a horrid sense of smell and do not mind the smell of comic collectors, who are not always big fans of hygiene.

But I am not there right now.

I am at work.

I mean, I know I’m getting paid. But I’m thinking of the thrill of dressing up like a super hero for no reason, and eating pizza near the ocean, while collecting so many buttons about obscure comics and British television that I could coat my bed spread in them seems so alluring. I am allured by nerdiness.

So I made this doodle today on my computer while waiting for my prints to come. (I am not sorry for that printing pun.)

I’m just going to sit back, smile… and day dream about being dressed like Wonder Woman.

Have a super great weekend everybody. Dress like a superhero if you need to… I think I will tomorrow.


P to the S: If you went to Comic-Con tell me about it… so I can live vicariously through you :)