The New Fashion

I feel like since I have been working in retail design that now I have an official opinion about fashion.

And because I saw seasons of fashion just thrown into a junky room full of screens for like 9 hours a day for like… every weekday I can say things with an authority or something.

  1. I will never wear a see through skirt to work. I am not Bridget Jones. And I do not work with Hugh Grant. See through skirts = creepy notes on linkedin… from guys who don’t look like Hugh Grant… or Colin Firth for that matter.

    courteesy of :tumblr
  2. And I don’t want to wear overalls. I get really bad flashbacks of all the clothes on “Full House” that DJ Tanner used to wear because I can’t chance my loose drapey overalls falling off showing that I own an embarrassing amount of polka dot underpants:

    courtesy of ABC
  3. I don’t want to look like I mugged Indiana Jones on my way to spend a night out on the town
  4. And I definitely don’t want to look like a snake:

    Inline image 1
    courtesy of :F21

Because then Indiana Jones will never ask me out to the Spring Fling Dance.


Happy 2016,


You REALLY Got a Hold on Me

Sometimes when you doodle, you doodle chickens eating ice cream. You doodle a boat made of cheese, or Isabel frolicking in a field of cotton candy or really anything you please.
Sometimes if you are me, you draw a snake choking you. I have no idea if this has a secret meaning. But it was all I could think of: