The sunshine

Okay so I”m totally feeling trapped in my office. And now with our new office setup I am facing a direction with only florescent lighting.

But I mean its only the beginning of the week, and I had an excellent night of dancing last night… so all hope cannot be lost. I can still make today a great day.

So while I waited for my work to print out… I decided to draw this little guy to cheer me up:

You make me happy… when I don’t want to be at work!

I hope he makes you cheery too.


Favorite things: Wild Omar


i’m sending this edition of favorite things as a shout out to Isabel.

she knows why.

Todays edition of favorite things is MOST DEFINITELY…. WILDOMAR

And here is all the reasons why it should be one of your favorites too!

1. For Wild Omar himself

2. For the love of Nature

3. Because they have civilization

4. For the California SUNSHINE

5. Because they have more than adobe’s. This house is like 3x the size of my house.

6. because they have birthday parties

7. They believe in magic

8. They celebrate California’s heritage:

9. They have wicked amounts of pipes:

10. They have cool rides:

Yay! California!