Super Vest Party 9!

All the way down in San Diego there is a lab full of people that are big fans of the Super Mario:

One of those lab workers is the truest love of Clay Aiken. But that is a different story… Another one of the lab workers is an avid vest fan.

One moonlight evening he decided to combine both his love of Super Mario and vests. The answer was not a pie chart, or a test he could perform on mutated flies… but this:

♫LAUREN (the chaleco girl)

It’s the time of the season… for sweater vests

Not only is it the time of the year for sweaters… but if you are one of the select lads who look really good in a sweater vest I suggest slapping one on.

If you need any sweater vest style advice I’d look to the following peeps:

Joseph Gordon Levitt can really wear a sweater vest, he is like the lord of sweater vests in (500) days of summer:

Mr. Schwartzman cand handle the implications of sweaters… without sleeves:

River’s Cuomo is like the definition of sweater vest:

Ellen Degeneres is looking pretty swift in her vest too!

Even Michael Jackson has sweater vested:


And also this bunny was made for a sweater vest:

And just in case you are still not sold on the sweater vest… have a gander of Johnny Depp in one:

So why don’t you give it a try:

So I suggest to all… wear a sweater vest especially if your arms are much warmer than your torso.