Reaching New Heights

Today I was thinking about how I make a really fun game out of my short stature. My shortness is no surprise to people who know me in person. But I feel like I have to explain that on the site, because I write taller.

Well, since I am 5′ tall I try to make kids feel really excited about growing up by congratulating them when they reach my height. This usually happens between 9-12, sometimes I get worried about certain kids… But it always seems to work out for them…

Now onto my silly brain’s illustrated thoughts:

This is 254% truer than anything ever.

I congratulate everyone for being taller than me, unless you are not… then short people power!


25 reasons why Jimmy is Jimmy

Yesterday was Jimmy’s 25th birthday.  To celebrate his I have collected a list of things that make Jimmy *magical*

1.He’s super tall

2. He loves postcards

3. He found watermelon nights:

4. He dislikes this:

5. He is totally a fan of Lady Gaga

6. He prefers woodphone to an iphone

7. He’s the co founder of  taco room

8. He would never drag me to a store to buy video games

9. He is probably singing the theme song to Step by Step right now

10. As a child he loved, Dana the eldest child on Step by Step:

11. One of his favorite films is “Carrie”

12. He will watch any Halloween movie except “halloween”

13. He will watch any movie with Kirsten Dunst… He even watched “Crazy/Beautiful”

14. He seldom wears shorts

15. He’s easy to photograph… here he is with wood phone!

16. He has the weenie dogs

17. He’s drives an awesome custom van

18. In that said van he will not listen to “Apologize” by One Republic

19. If you google his name you’ll find this picture Jimmy is not in

20. His favorite website is stuff white people like

21.  He won’t watch “Mad Men” no matter how many times I ask him

22. He has no aspirations to be a cowboy

23. He totally loves urbanism

24. Because he dislikes umbrellas jutting out of tea houses:

25. He’s a total hipster.

Have a great year Jimmy!