“Don’t you want me”

I am so ready to see “Take Me Home Tonight.”

This week I already watched “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton,” and had fond memories of when Arlene and I feigned her straightness with pictures of Josh Duhamel’s Tad Hamilton. Also I just remembered I’m never watching “In Good Company” again, that was lame…

Ahhh memories.

Okay, back to the story at hand. See this music video for the movie take me home tonight… it’s full of 1980s movie reference gems.

Enjoy it, I still can’t decide if my fav. Michael J. Fox reference is Teen wolf or Marty McFly??

Fine Cinema: Teen Wolf

I heard that they are remaking teen wolf…

My sister and I discussed how utterly lame the idea sounds because we witnessed the first rounds of Teen Wolf.

We also discussed how it is reported they are going to make teen wolf sexier. Um he’s a teen firstly. Unless you are going to share with us a college bound wolf…

And I thought why do they need to even fathom a new wolf… when this exists???

Oh teen wolf!

I forgive Mr. Bateman though, because he looks spiffy whilst not being a wolf. As you can see here during the daytime hours: