Excuse me, Miss…

I find myself in strange situations constantly. I don’t know if its because I have some sort of “weirdo” frequency I emit to the world. Or maybe its just because I am a girl that lives in California… most can admit, it’s a bit weird here.

Most people would just try to ignore the strange things around them. But not me, I’m just too curious not to play into these things.

And for some reason I find that these situations some of the best things that could happen to a girl.

Here are several examples of fun incidents:

-Walking lost old ladies to a restaurant when my only intention of being outside was to throw out garbage. Only to find out that they are so full of historical knowledge of the area that I nearly wanted to hijack their dinner and listen to their memories for hours!

-Helping strangers load luggage/ small store purchases into their cars and being paid in fruit, and no matter how much you protest you walk away with fruit (This has happened more than once.)

-Being trapped in a a very small elevator with a woman who at first is not very talkative but then after a few minutes and realization we were stuck in an elevator together got quite chummy. She turned out to be Susan Adler the author of several of my favorite American Girl books (Shout Out to my Childhood!)

-Having my Fortune read to me by a “Psychic Cat” (I suggest that everyone in the Southern California area… give this a try)

-Being given a bottle of wine, for telling some guy in Rome what time it was… (I don’t think he had a Fiat, Cakes)

-Being told by producers of Ellen that Colin Farrell loved my description of him including but not limited to his “Luscious, unyeilding folicles”

-And of course, having long conversations with people from other businesses in the same building. To the point where I almost tell them, “I’m sorry I have to go to work now.” The best thing is that they never talk to my Professional Coworker, who is beginning to think it’s a conspiracy.

In short, my existence is pretty darn rad, and I’m ready for today’s adventures!