The Happy Place

I haven’t had time to draw lately.

It’s all work and well more work… and work on the weekend to make deadlines kind of work.

Needless to say the sun is not the only thing burning me out during the 8-5 of it all.

In fact all this work has made me feel uber dull. In fact I was feeling like when Spongebob stopped being silly and devoted his life to becoming more normal:

I felt like I lost that silly spark of mine.

I had this terrifying dream on Monday night of me being in a beige blazer in a cubicle, doing spread sheets and i couldn’t get them to print right on my 80’s dot matrix printer. Basically I was Jane Fonda in 9-5 and I was hating my existence:

I feel bad that she had to wear this outfit… I feel worse that I was wearing it’s beige cousin in my dreams.

And I felt trapped. This horrible amount work is controlling everything do. I mean is was even in my dreams!

I was only really resuscitated yesterday by a day of severe office goofing off… my deadlines were over and the new guy is really fun to be goofy with.

This is kind of what yesterday was like… but more like this with ruler jousting.

… and making bottle launchers, and playing pranks on Amber. (Who I think secretly enjoyed the weird screensaver and Rick-rolling.)

So in a better state of mind from a less stressful work load. I decided to get back into a doodly state of mind. I looked in my vast archives to find a doodle I made when I was a completely joy enraptured state.

And I found this stunning brainstorming cloud up in my fancy notebook. It explains the perfect storm of my personal happiness:

Just some things that put a smile on my face.

And reading all my silly joys just brought me right back to my giggly self.

I am sitting here thinking about vinyl records, the beach, how very nice the blanket I have stuffed in my work desk feels. I have a feeling the rest of my day may just be awesome.

Also I think I have a great idea for a series of things that make me and others go “Oooh.” Be prepared. Tell me things that make you go “Oooh” too… and you never know what can be doodled from that!


(All images that are not mine are courtesy of Tumblr)

Jimmy says the Darndest things

I think Jimmy is going to be mad at me for posting this.

But I have known him for nearly 10 years and sometimes the things he tells me still makes me burst out with laughter. (But hey, I laugh a lot)

We all have really highly specific things that make us smile. For example: Phil Collin’s to me is like a musical angel who makes everything alright when I hear his voice, and Matt&Kim can save me from 99.2% of despair.

We are not all the same though. This weekend Jimmy shared this musical nugget of joy with me:

It’s the one he choo choo chooses!

And just in case you are wondering what the song that is #1 on the charts in the nation of solely Jimmy:

Somewhere at this very moment… he has this queued up to watch on YouTube.


P to the S that crisp white doodle paper that all the kids are talking about can be seen, purchased and hugged right here… emnote notebooks!