Isabel Stare-a-thon: Shiny Vamps

It has been said as of late that the newest group of Isabel fanatics are considered to be undead.
Yes, Twilight Fans as you sit there dreaming all day of this pasty guy… he sits there all day staring at the one, and only Isabel.

Vampires are really good at staring. He will pretty much be there until all eternity. Or until the next vampy film.

Her teen wolf following is like off the charts.


Isabel Stare-A-Thon: Twilight

Hello pasty America.

The Isabel Stare-a-thon was all the buzz this year at Vamp Con 2009… and really vampires can be dangerous they can bring throngs of emo kids around you.

I just wanted to share a bit of information during this season: if you are Isabel be careful when you are in shadows… teen vampires think the Isabel Stare-a-Thon is totally suckalicious (‘sucky’ to Vampires is good).