Top 5 Clay’s

5. Polymer Clay

I believe the world will never be the same because of polymer clay. You can make into everything… from people to fruit, or even clay


4. Jars of Clay

Um I don’t really listen to them.. but they have a greatest hits so… that must mean they are RAD!!!

3. Henry Clay

Slick founder of the Whig Party, as well as secretary of State. He was known as the “Great Pacifier” and “The Great Compromiser”… which is pretty freaking great. He was in a close tie with our # 2 spot… but unfortunately his last name is clay… not his first, so #3 is his spot

2. Clay

A natural material that is awesome. This was a really hard one to pick…

1.Clay Aiken

Like Anyone else could be at the top of this list????

 honorable mention: Andrew Dice Clay- who I don’t like so he’s not on this list.



The Sleep Attack

Now there is more to worry about at 3pm when your blood sugar is low… can Emerald Nuts save you from the Sleep Attack????? The Answer is, no.

That is right ladies, if you are not on your guard… Eric may strike with all his lady capturing charm.

Next thing you know you’re at Casa Bonita being serenaded by a mariachi. And the next day being sent harassing messages from Oprah.

This has been a public service announcement from the Ladies who Nap Bureau.


The Public

Sometimes Isabel just can’t deal with the public.

But in this case she’s really thinking about the possibility of “The Happening” starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel… really happening.

Only the biologists could save us.