Fairy Tales

Okay, I am aware that I am a grown up.

But isn’t the idea of something magical just kind nice? When do we decide that we’re too cool to smile at a big lollipop, or for spinning around in an a-line dress, or even just eating a really good cookie with a chilled glass of milk. I think that we all deserve a chance to enjoy something for no particular reason, or with no explanation.

And no one should make you feel weird for it.

Today I saw my coworker had this game and the name of his city in the game was “Etopia.” What a serious name! It’s a city you are playing with in a game… it can be named anything!!!

He told me, “I’m sorry its not Pegasus-rainbow-flower-anthia.”

Now this could have been not nice, in fact it is a kinda a backhanded compliment.

But this comment only made me happy… I mean isn’t it good that he thinks of flowers and rainbows and fictional flying creatures in association with me. Anyways, quickly–I will add here that I still don’t like knowing how magic tricks are done… and try to forget about “reality” when I see them. I mean, if it’s a fantasy why not just get caught up in it?

And now onto the sketchy part… simply I dedicate this drawing to all the people I know (in real and online) who make me happy. Regardless of any bad times, when I’m really in  a happy moment:

And I thank you so so much for it!