Happy Birthday to Zach Braff and other issues

Today is Zach Braff’s birthday. I hope he has a one of those super days.

I would usually make this just a short post… but when things come to people like Tina Fey and Zach Braff I feel like elaborating on things because they are people I feel an affinity for.
Zach Braff is a really cute, and pretty funny guy. He also had admitted on several occasions and the entire movie “Garden State” that he suffers from depression. I have always thought that this was incredibly fascinating, and the older I get I realize some of the funniest people are the most susceptible to these kinds of issues.
And I actually use “Garden State” as a reference for that kind of sadness.

Me: How are you?

Other person: I’m ehhh.

Me: Are you feeling like Zach Braff in “Garden State?”

Other person: “For months now.”

Me: “Oh my gosh. Really? Like seriously? I think you should do something about that.”

I actually myself fluctuate to this feeling and sometimes it stays for a while. Right now as Sam tells Largeman, I am in it.

But, its not really because of depression. I don’t precisely think, its because I have come to an age where… I think I know what I want, and have no real way of getting it. Well, complete humiliation is probably going to be the out come. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.

Bohemian Like you

I have gone on for 23 years of my life being called eccentric, weird, and comical (at least the things people say to me).

But I’ve never been affirmed into any such group or click.

In the last week 2 people have labeled me…. And I find it fascinating. I mean to a label-less person… I feel like I moderately know how I am percieved by the general public.

I was first called an indie kid.

which is cool, because i do like indie things… they are nice:


and then I was called bohemian… and i was told that i reminded people of fruit… which is also nice.

I like fruit… so long as it is not in a corcnocopia.

I don’t really know what this label means but I have an opinion.

I feel very scared about being easily grouped.

but I would like to know from people who really know me? Am I these things? Is this what my alternative rock, brown hair and bangs, and black plastic glasses have lead to? Am I so easily labeled? Do I remind you of fruit? Is that the reason I want a sweater vest?

Tell me.