A True Party Crashing Tale

Another “Awkward Moments” installment…

In my desperate attempt to enter the adult world and seek employment, I resisted the ever-present urge to just take a nap and “put myself out there” (not like THAT, Lauren). I received an email from my business school from the American Marketing Association concerning a social and networking event that was to be held at one of my favorite LA spots: The Edison. 

I had a quandary, though: the event was scheduled from 5-7PM and I had class back in Claremont at 7PM, which I could not possibly miss, unless in the event of a death. My own.

I haphazardly dressed in my nice business clothes, which were probably the only clean items in my room at this point, and printed out copies of my resume. Off I went to Los Angeles, getting more nervous as I drew near. Only imagining a gay boy re-enacting Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video could calm my anxiety (but unfortunately not the profuse sweating). 

I arrived early and stopped by a bakery across the street from The Edison to use their restroom, and out of guilt bought a scone. An incredibly nice chef gave me a free huge Danish, which I had no problem inhaling before heading off to my event.

Completely filled to the brim with pastries, I approached The Edison to see the doors just opening and a large group of people in business attire grouped outside, all animatedly talking to one another. One guy was holding an official-looking box and everyone was greeting one another. I said to one woman, “You guys look like marketers” referring to their business attire, obvious joy at not being stuck in an office, and desire to get smashed out of their minds at 5PM.  She gave me a huge smile and said “You can tell, huh?”

How convenient, I thought. I’ve found my party without having to approach a huge herd like an outcast gazelle on a National Geographic documentary. I found myself talking to everyone in the group and felt genuinely welcomed. They ushered me inside to a reserved booth downstairs. One woman, who was wearing a tiara on account it was her birthday, saw me standing up and exclaimed “Come sit down!!!” while patting the seat next to her. We were all served The Edison’s happy hour special, 35 cent martinis that had the potency of gasoline, while a man began to open up the box he had been carrying.

I found myself talking to everyone during this time and was told that this large group of people all worked for Metro, not noticing that what was being pulled out of the box was an elaborate birthday cake. Candles were lit, and I found myself singing “Happy Birthday” with my newfound “Marketers” to someone named Susannah. Pieces of delicious cake were passed around, and I was forced to accept one by my very welcoming party.

I knew I had to belt it to class soon and began to make my escape. I asked the three of the lovely ladies who I could speak to about employment with Metro. They asked for my information, gave me theirs, and told me that I MUST hang out with them when they go out again. 

Upon arriving back at my car after spending a little less than an hour with my newfound friends, I realized how odd the situation really was. They all seemed confused by my questions about the American Marketing Association and referred to other co-workers as “maybe working in that department”. OH.

I just crashed a party. I just crashed Susannah’s birthday party with all of her Metro co-workers. They didn’t seem to mind, I had fun, and I got a free slice of cake and a martini. (In fact, I had 3 desserts for dinner, 2 of them being free).

I’m just waiting for all of them to get to work tomorrow and say to one another “I didn’t know her…I thought she was with YOU!” 



One thought on “A True Party Crashing Tale

  1. That is a wonderful story. That is so something that could only happen to you.. or me…
    Did Susannah get any nice presents???
    And more importantly did you get any new “internal wallpaper,” whilst crashing her party???

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