Heads Up with Elisa

My friend Elisa just had her birthday on Friday…

And one of my favorite things to do is draw her.

She has a great imagination for costumes, and I have a great way of taking all her dream threads and turning them into a construction set for her to make her costumes.

And for some reason, all of her costumes have huge hair and leotards.

Her next 356 days will involve her taking her exuberant, day-planning, auto-cad drawing self to become a glamorous Barbaraella Medusa.

And she will pull it off seamlessly.

This year she traveled to Downtown LA several times a week, and spent weeks handbeading a dress to create her dream of becoming a glamorous Beyonce Queen.

And next year I’m hoping for animatronic snakes and the most glittery leotard in the land… because I would expect nothing less.

Happy Birthday Girl!


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