Whitest Sneakers

This doodle is more like a fan shout out than a personal thing.

Everyone who watches TV knows the Office is ending after 9 season’s of being on the air. And well I think I may have mentioned it before on this site I’m a fan of the crazy antics of Dunder-Mifflin all the characters are so zany yet grounded that we can relate and feel like we know them.

Personally, I work with a girl like Kelly,

I won’t name names.

a guy like Ryan,

I get this face every time I walk into our annex.

an Andy/Dwight,

He may be the most professional of us all… still not naming names.

and even a Pete.

Just because he’s new doesn’t mean he’s any less important.

I have always related to early season’s Pam and well now that Pam is grown up and has it together, I can relate more to Erin. I have always loved to draw, and I’m a little bit on the kooky side, and I am awful at Scrabble. And I love to assist in pranking  our Andy/Dwight as much as humanly possible, and he CANNOT take a joke.

I have sounded like this on many an occasion,… this is probably why I’m not let around a lot of clients…

So in this Office nostalgic post… I share with the lovely internet, a Pam Beesly drawing that I made very ironically, while at work:

Thanks for the giggles Pam!

Also I wonder who could guess which coworkers are which :)


Things for All the Time: Elvira Outfit

Now this is really not a shocking story to add to the “Things for all the Time” cannon.
But when I was a kid in the bustling neon world of the 1980s I was totally enthralled with Elvira.

Like, I wanted to be her when I grew up. The thought of having huge hair, fun make-up, that poodle with a mohawk, was one of the most thrilling possibilities I could come up with.

And plus she gets to make fun of herself for a living, and watch awesome movies.

For a mere $40 Halloween Town wants to help make my Mistress of the Dark realities a real thing.
And not just for Halloween:

Just imagine sitting behind me in a movie theater with that hair.

Wizards are practically leprechauns

Okay so there is not theme post today.. because eh. I’m just not feeling it today.
I wish I were free and about town, doing cool things that cool people do.
Maybe this little pope wizard can help me out:

I know it has a lot to do with the fact I have no idea what a wizard hat looks like... I'm not Charlie Sheen here....

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


“Don’t you want me”

I am so ready to see “Take Me Home Tonight.”

This week I already watched “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton,” and had fond memories of when Arlene and I feigned her straightness with pictures of Josh Duhamel’s Tad Hamilton. Also I just remembered I’m never watching “In Good Company” again, that was lame…

Ahhh memories.

Okay, back to the story at hand. See this music video for the movie take me home tonight… it’s full of 1980s movie reference gems.

Enjoy it, I still can’t decide if my fav. Michael J. Fox reference is Teen wolf or Marty McFly??

All in Good Character: Dorian Gray

Many people would not agree with me and my love for the tragic prince of vanity, Dorian Gray.
He was created by one of my literary BFF’s Oscar Wilde. Who takes you through the luscious world of appearances in Victorian England.
At the age of 18 Dorian sits for a portrait so beautiful that all sorts of men adore him, and all his awesome hot-ness. So while being a stupid man delighted with his appearance he and Lord Henry kind of sell his soul to the devil… so he can stay young and handsome forever…
I can’t say that many 18 year olds wouldn’t do something so dumb.
So for another 18 years or so he counted up sins like nobody’s business… Including being mean to his Ophelia like girlfriend, and murdering the man who originally painted him. At least he looked damn good while doing it. And like all other straight up gangsters he never misse a party. Wouldn’t he so be friends with Kanye West in modern times?
Well here is my doodle ode to him:


All in Good Character: Elvira

Ooooh I am so excited to start this new theme.
And I’m currently sharing one of my favorite Halloween/ gothicy characters. Which I should have posted on Halloween….
When I was a kid I super adored her. I really wanted to have big hair, and wicked cool eyeliner like hers.

Elvira is awesome

I really loved her style

Her style is super awesome

I also liked her poodle

Her dog's hair was the best I've ever seen a poodle look

and that she was fixing up her inhereited haunted house.

What can I say? I was kind of a weird kid. But, I think this website shows that off nicely.
So here is my “all in good character” homage to Elvira.

doodle of the darkness