All in Good Character: Dorian Gray

Many people would not agree with me and my love for the tragic prince of vanity, Dorian Gray.
He was created by one of my literary BFF’s Oscar Wilde. Who takes you through the luscious world of appearances in Victorian England.
At the age of 18 Dorian sits for a portrait so beautiful that all sorts of men adore him, and all his awesome hot-ness. So while being a stupid man delighted with his appearance he and Lord Henry kind of sell his soul to the devil… so he can stay young and handsome forever…
I can’t say that many 18 year olds wouldn’t do something so dumb.
So for another 18 years or so he counted up sins like nobody’s business… Including being mean to his Ophelia like girlfriend, and murdering the man who originally painted him. At least he looked damn good while doing it. And like all other straight up gangsters he never misse a party. Wouldn’t he so be friends with Kanye West in modern times?
Well here is my doodle ode to him:


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