Hooray for Hollywood

I’m sorry there have been no posts as of late

I got a job in Hollywood. Which sounds very exciting… but really just means I have a lot of traffic to deal with.

And to be quite candid my life seems a little upside down. And I have to figure it all out very quickly… Because that’s what grown ups do.

I hope everything is going okay with all the people out there.


Passing Notes

Today I’m going to tell you a story about when I was in school…

When I was in school I was a good student… which really surprised people because I seemed really unfocused in  nearly every lecture class I had.

I just really was good at comprehending the subject matters I studied and once I did… I didn’t have all day to hear the lecturer talk about alabaster in its various applications, I just daydreamed until the hour-forty five had passed. And of course I had read the textbook the day before, so I had all my day to not think about trying to memorize anything but stuff I wanted to.

Now all my daydreaming probably would have been just fine, had I not forced my weird imagination on my friends, especially Jimmy. He wanted to pay attention so badly and all I ever did was distract him. I would spend my time sending him drawings of Jamba Juice cups, Lambs that were striped, and well taco’s and how much I wished I was eating or building a place to hold tacos and not be in that class.

So dedication time… this Doodle goes all the way out to Jimmy who is like many miles away from me right now, but could probably use a laugh:

My favorite part is when he finally gave up on learning and just doodled back instead!

Quite candidly internet, I would list distracting people as one of my finer qualities. If you spend time with me the next thing you know is that it could be hours… or even years. And there is going to be sketchbooks of doodles to go along with it.

Now I must return to some doodles that I am working on like super seriously!



Sometimes studying is really tiresome. This is especially true when you are studying pages of how to reinforce bricks.

There is actually not much in the world more boring than studying to be an architect. And from talking to my friends who are in the same dilapidated boat of studying, I know I am not alone. Hey there study buddies!

But lately when I am perusing my study guides, I keep being attacked viciously by blankets and the Sand Man.

Today for example I only made it through 17 pages of brick patterns and mortar ratings before my eyes succumbed to the sweet allure of my dreams… which were sadly also about bricks.

Maybe after some good dinner I will be a little more successful.

Architecture with Lauren: Changes aren’t just a David Bowie Song

Today I’m going to share some simple truths about Architecture. The stuff they never tell you when you are paying like $35,000 a year to college, and stuff a professor who wears all black, and drinks only Voss water will never comprehend.

♦ Clients are not notes on paper. Unlike the list of requirements they give you in school…they are real people, and they have opinions.

♦ Just like regular people they have the right to change their minds… and they do so very often. And sometimes while they are telling you about changes, they are changing their mind. (Never get rid of old versions of drawings until it is the final project!)

♦ Clients unlike your professors usually don’t wear berets (never met a beret clad client yet).

♦ Most clients do not want you to re-explain parts of projects that they do not like. Re-explaining your reasoning for putting a 3 tiered fountain and skylight in their ladies room will only make them hate you just a little more than they already do… (because we all know you put that fountain there without them asking you to do so).

♦ You should listen to your clients, because they are paying for a space for themselves… unless you are paying, don’t make a space for yourself. See below for more details.


I work with people who like to change their mind… a lot. Most changes are completely  monetary based, like the amount they are allowed to spend on the project was cut. Or because there are finishes, like super sweet marble floors that they want, and now can’t afford to finish the last 30% of the project:

Now, like clients… designers have feelings too. Yes, we’re not all clickity-clackity-computers over here. But most of the time we understand the client’s need to change things in the project:

Now I have already said never make a space for yourself because you will end up brokenhearted. But, we are just people after-all… and truthfully designers do this all the time. Personally I like to put one thing in each project I think is super special… Because to the designer, that extra detail,  special glass, paint color, or even large expensive couch makes everything that you will take out of the project, okay… That is until the client wants to get rid of that thing… and then this happens:

And then we lock ourselves up in our car and cry whilst listening to Celine Dion’s cover of “All By Myself”… and then eat tons of junk food to make it all better (Don’t tell Richard Simmons).

And that was today’s Architecture lesson. I think I should be a professor, and tell these kids before it’s too late…


Ferrous Bueller

I like to combine things that I learn with things that I am fascinated with.

So I bring to you Ferrous Bueller my hybrid of memorizing ferrous metals for my ARE and my love of Chicago in 1!

He’s just an steel boy enjoying the world…

I think I need a study break.


I have been studying like a gangster…

To try to make an excuse for my recent lack of beautiful and delicious vocabulary words as of late, I’m going to be honest I have been trying to memorize vocabulary words for my Architectural exams…

Also an apology for me forgetting like every word yesterday to Angel and Christine who were kind, as well as “naturally disappointed”

This is quickly devastating my thoughts and transforming me into a creature who can only talk about ferrous metals and the coefficient of thermal expansion.

But I digress, lets get on to a doodle… oh dear heavenly farfisa its gotten to the doodles:

I am architecturally scarred.

Archeology today

Today I had to measure a building that was once a church. Because everything is going to be demolished I decided to save this little paper bird I found… now she will live on my wall:

I am so thrilled she has a sky to fly in!

Also I stole a picture of an asian guy holding a drum… but that is for another occasion.

♫ Lauren